The biggest breakthrough in living infrastructure since photosynthesis

Who We Are

We at Omni Ecosystems specialize in the highest quality green roofs and green walls, creating elegantly simple solutions to complex ecological questions and remaking the urban experience into a living, breathing landscape that is infused with nature. Our team, including a landscape ecologist and microbiologist, environmental scientists, and construction managers and field workers, has been providing turnkey service – supplying, designing, building, and maintaining green roofs and green walls – for years.

Green Roof

The Omni Green Roof enhances the benefits of traditional green roofs, providing greater stormwater retention, higher energy reductions, increased biodiversity, more plant options and lighter weight than any other green roof system. At 10-36 psf, we are going beyond sedum with food production, lawns, and meadows by utilizing patent-pending built-in-place tray system with integrated irrigation and drainage and growing media, which replicates native biological soils. The Omni Roof substantially improves on return on investment, and our turnkey service provides convenience, beauty, and reliability for developers and owners.

Living Wall

The Omni Tapestry is a living wall of lush plants growing on a vertical surface. The patent-pending design is inspired by the ecological principles of steppe farming, allowing each plant abundant access to light and rooting space. Verdant, long-lasting and watertight, the Omni Tapestry is reliable. Omni’s turnkey service provides total ease of use and allows owners and designers to infuse their spaces with natural distinction and prestige while improving indoor air quality and reducing noise.