We manufacture green roof and green wall systems, and work toward a healthier, stronger, more sustainable future for the urban landscapes around us.

Urban Landscapes Reimagined

The Seeds of an Idea

Our company is a place where innovations are born, nurtured and rooted to change the world. Through developing new technologies, we believe that we can create simple solutions to complex ecological questions. We can remake the urban experience into a living, breathing landscape that is infused with nature. The Omni Ecosystems™ Green Roof, Omni Facade, and Omni Tapestry™ are examples our advancements in living infrastructure.

Reshaping an Industry

Living infrastructure is our expertise. We have unparalleled experience in green roof and green wall design, construction, and maintenance in the U.S. and Germany.

As the industry stands now, there are notable and recurring challenges to ensuring healthy and successful green roofs and green walls. We set out to permanently improve on the technology and techniques of green roof and green wall implementation. We pride ourselves on moving our industry forward.

Why We Are Different

We care about what we provide from cradle-to-cradle. That includes our products, systems and service.

  • We’ve carefully designed products and selected components that reflect these values. Minimizing materials use, utilizing 100% recycled plastic, and manufacturing and growing locally are examples of steps we’ve taken.
  • Our systems reflect our life-cycle thinking, as they thrive for the long-term, with biological and plant selections that build soil life and ecosystem health over time.
  • In an unprecedented step in the industry, we are the first manufacturers to offer on-going maintenance support for all

We are Here to Help you

We provide assistance from design to construction through maintenance for living infrastructure. Living infrastructure requires thoughtful planning from the outset, careful execution and on-going maintenance.

We bring expertise to your project through consultation, design review assistance, assistance with shop drawings, tailoring specifications to your project, assistance with creating a clear and concise bid package, and manufacturer involvement in pre-construction preparation and on-site execution and maintenance consultation.