We develop turnkey living infrastructure that elevates the triple bottom line:



adjective: involving a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use

Omni Ecosystems creates living infrastructure, bringing nature to the built environment via green roofs, green walls, landscape architecture, urban agriculture, clean growing media for contaminated sites, and more. 

When engaged on a turnkey basis, the Omni team serves projects from invention and supply to design, installation and maintenance. Omni is also engaged on an a la carte basis, providing only materials, consulting, design, or maintenance. The turnkey service provides the advantage of single-source stewardship when Omni can be engaged early in a project, while a la carte service ensures that any project has access to Omni’s innovative living infrastructure solutions. Omni Ecosystems is certified WBE with the City of Chicago

At Omni Ecosystems, we create solutions: 

Omni Ecosystems invents new living systems, soils and soil amendments

Omni Ecosystems manufactures and supplies its cutting-edge living infrastructure inventions, systems and products

Omni Workshop provides landscape architecture design on full sites

Omni Workshop consults on customized living infrastructure solutions

Omni Ecosystems installs Omni products and constructs living infrastructure

Omni Ecosystems maintains ecosystems for the long-term 

The Roof Crop farms food within living infrastructure systems

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