Omni Ecosystems™ Living Wall Kit for Outdoor/Exterior Applications™

The Omni Ecosystems™ Living Wall for Outdoor/Exterior Applications™ brings together state-of-the-art modular living wall design with specially mixed growing media that provides ideal drainage and water retention for annual plantings.

The patented design, inspired by the ecological principles of steppe farming, allows each individual plant abundant access to rooting environment and light. Each panel is crafted out of a single piece of 100% recycled plastic and is watertight and leak-free. The result is an ultra-lightweight living wall that creates a robust environment for lush outdoor plantings.

The system is easy to install and maintain. Simply, fill the panel with Omni’s Emperor’s Exterior Annual Growing Media™, and transplant young annuals into the slots. Matching Z-cleats allow for simple hanging to a structural wall.  The small footprint enables you to take full advantage of your garden or patio space and create elegant layered gardens. The panels can be showcased individually or assembled modularly to create a living tapestry, the Omni Tapestry™.


Product Information:

  • Panel measures 18” wide x 48” tall x 5” deep

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Single-season growing media, designed for annuals

  • Designed and manufactured in the Midwest

  • Panel made from 100% recycled plastic

  • Kit includes:

    • 1x Omni Ecosystems™ Living Wall Panel for Outdoor/Exterior Applications™

    • Omni Ecosystems Emperor’s Outdoor Annual Growing Media™

    • Matching Z-cleats: one for Panel and one for use on a structural wall

Please note that plants are not included in Omni Ecosystems™ Living Wall Kit.


+ As You Begin

Thank you for purchasing the Omni Ecosystems™ Living Wall Kit for Outdoor/Exterior Applications™ (Panel + Growing Media). We’re pleased to provide a reliable solution to bring more plants into your day-to-day.

+ Precautionary Statements

  • Warning: Hanging heavy item. Risk of wall, panel or debris falling.
  • Warning: Bringing living systems into the living/working space. Risk of exposure to hazardous plants and biological matter.
  • Caution: Bringing water into the built environment. Risk of moisture exposure to structures, building materials, and finishes.
  • Danger: Collecting irrigation and/or drainage water in supply/return tanks. Risk of drowning.

  • Some Considerations for Placing Your Omni Ecosystems™ Living Wall for Outdoor/Exterior Applications™:

  • Structure: One panel fully saturated weighs 80 pounds. This is a significant weight for a furnishing. Consult with a licensed structural engineer to determine the appropriate anchoring location, method and structural requirements. The weight requires anchoring the panel to a wall or other structure that can support the loading from the panel. When planning the placement of your living wall, determine the wall construction of the wall to which you will mount the living wall. Utilize the appropriate anchoring method including the spacing, sizing and type of fastener for the wall construction with the maximum living wall panel weight. If you are using more than one panel in an array, check that the structural wall can support the maximum weight of the full assembly. For example, 8 panels = 640 pounds.
  • Exposure: Panel may be placed on any wall exposure: north, south, east or west. Exposure will determine amount of sunlight and wind, which should be taken into account when selecting plants.
  • Watering: Plants in panel require regular watering. Frequency and duration of watering will depend on exposure and plant selection. Water can be applied directly to each level of planting slots or on the top level only. For outdoor / exterior applications during warm weather, the unit should be watered at least twice each day. Monitor and learn how your panel’s unique location and plant selection determine its watering needs. A drip irrigation system can be added to the panel; contact Omni Ecosystems for this optional add-on.
  • Drainage: A drain at the bottom of each living wall panel will weep with surplus water as the watering begins. For outdoor / exterior applications without special conditions, the drain can weep onto the ground, or it can be connected in series with other panels into a drain channel or a drain tank. Contact Omni Ecosystems for recommendations on connecting the drain.

  • Instructions For Placing Your Omni Ecosystems™ Living Wall for Outdoor/Exterior Applications™

  1. Remove all the materials from the shipping box, familiarize yourself with the contents, and read the “Precautionary Statements”, “Some Considerations For Placing Your Omni Ecosystems™ Living Wall for Outdoor/Exterior Applications™”, and “Instructions For Placing Your Omni Ecosystems™ Living Wall for Outdoor/Exterior Applications™” in their entirety.
  2. Determine the placement of your panels. Confirm that the structure can support the weight of the panels and that you are using the proper anchoring method. Orient the wall z-cleat to nest with the panel z-cleat. Anchor the wall z-cleat 1’ 2-3/4” on center below where you would like the top of your panel(s).
  3. Place panel in a secure position at ground level. Fill panel with provided growing media. Each panel holds approximately 1.3 cubic feet or 10 gallons of growing media. Growing media lasts for one planting season and should be replaced with each annual or seasonal planting.
  4. Gently shake and tap the unit to ensure complete distribution of media.
  5. For each panel, select 40-48 plants that have similar water, light, temperature and food requirements. Typically, each row can accomodate 5-6 plants, depending on size of plant at time of planting. Keep in mind that as plants grow, they will increase in size. Plants should be in 3” pots or smaller and should not be root bound. Insert plant root masses that will fit into the panel plant slot. Make sure to not over stuff. Smaller root masses are easier to fit into the slots and suffer little damage in transplanting.
  6. Immediately after planting, slowly water plants to full hydration. Water panels until water flows out of the drain port.
  7. Place the panel z-cleat attached to the panel’s back into the wall z-cleat you anchored to the wall.
  8. Continue to water and care for the plants regularly.
  9. Enjoy your Omni Ecosystems™ Living Wall for Outdoor/Exterior Applications™!




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