Omni Facade

The Omni Facade™ system brings together state-of-the-art modular green wall design with growing media that replicates soil ecosystems. The result is an ultra-lightweight green wall that grows vines, food, flowers, and many more plant options.

The system is easy to install and to maintain. The growing media is self-regenerative so that soil nutrition improves over time.

Broadly, there are two types of green walls: green facades and living walls. Green facades are typically planted at the base of an exterior wall and are planted with climbers (i.e. vines) to cover the wall. These are less expensive than living walls but take a long time to grow in. Living walls are planted across the surface of the wall in growing media that is on the wall itself. These can be indoor and outdoor; they are more expensive but they are instantly green. 

The Omni Facade™ system follows in the tradition of exterior green facades in that it is a screen, but there are planters attached to the wall. This "modular" approach means that the Omni Facade™ grows in more quickly but still remains cost-effective.




  • Aluminum framework is lightweight, attractive, and easy to assemble.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Growing media replicates healthy ecosystems of true soils, improves long-term plant growth and reduces on-going maintenance.
  • Growing media is ultra-lightweight.
  • Proven plant palette has a track record of successful green wall growth.
  • Minimal water use through high-efficiency irrigation and strategic irrigation controls
  • Made in the USA, over 90% of the materials are manufactured in Chicago or within 250 miles. 
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