Omni Ecosystems Green Roof Assembly

The Omni Roof™ system brings together state-of-the-art modular green roof design with growing media that replicates soil ecosystems. 

The result is an ultra-lightweight green roof that grows food, flowers, sedum, natives and many more plant options.

The system is easy to install and to maintain. The growing media is self-regenerative so that soil nutrition improves over time.

A Comprehensive System

Omni Ecosystems™ has developed comprehensive green roof technology, an industry first.

Whereas extensive green roofs are lightweight, low maintenance but only grow a few types of plants, and intensive green roofs grow many types of plants but are heavy and high maintenance. Our new comprehensive technology allows for the best of both systems. 

Comprehensive green roofs allow for plant varieties usually seen in intensive green roofs while weighing less than a typical extensive green roof.

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Built-in-Place: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Pre-Grown Trays

Built-in-place versions (BIP) of the Omni Ecosystems™ Green Roof are also available. Whereas the tray system providesinstant, fully vegetated greenery upon installation, the built-in-place system grows in over the period of a few months, depending on the season of installation. BIP consists of many of the same components, except for the biodegradable walls. BIP requires a more skilled labor force to install, though BIP materials are more cost effective than pre-planted systems.

The Omni Ecosystems™ built-in-place green roof system is an ideal cost-saving option for installation on large tray roofs. Omni BIP is efficient to install and has quick plant establishment. Sedum can take up to 2 years to establish to 80% coverage. Omni BIP achieves 80% coverage in 5 weeks and 95% coverage in 9 weeks.



Designing a New Kind of System

Our advanced technology breathes new life into the green roofing industry. Some key features:


• Tray bottom is created with filter fabric instead of plastic, significantly reducing the amount of material used.

• Fully saturated weight of the 3”-deep system is 15 pounds per square foot, due to the unique Infinity™ Growing Media.

• Lightweight design is ideal for existing buildings.


• Infinity™ Growing Media substantially improves soil nutrition versus traditional green roof media. The soil is self-regenerative and promotes long-term plant health.

• An environment that replicates a natural, living soil ecosystem is created. This allows for a large variety of plant options, including sedum, meadow mix, food, natives, perennial flowers, grasses, woody plants, and custom selections.


• Consistently irrigates through growing season to avoid drought.

• Properly drains during storm events.

• Increases plant production.

• Improves health of growing media biologicals.

• Cools the building.


• All trays interlock via male-female connectors on sides.

• Custom maintenance guidelines for every green roof.


• Instantly green & vegetated on day one.

• Biodegradable walls disintegrate so tray grid is not apparent.

• Large variety of color, height and texture in plants.

• Irrigation tubes and supply lines are hidden.


• Omni Ecosystems™ Green Roof is easy to install in 3 steps: unroll fabric, prepare irrigation system, and place trays.

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An Integrated Paver Walkway

paver 20131007 (2).png

Omni Paver

Omni Pavers™ are seamlessly integrated into the green roof area to create walking paths and provide maintenance access. The pavers are created from the Omni Tray™ plastic framework, so they lock into adjacent planted trays. The pavers are designed to match the weights and depths of the green roof system, with:

  • 3” depth pavers weighing 15 psf 
  • 5” depth pavers weighing 24 psf 
  • 8” pavers weighing 36 psf.

The pavers were also designed to utilize permeable pavement to manage water on the roof.