This is MIke REPKIN

Mike is an ecological designer specializing in biological resource recovery and sustainable food production.

  As the Director of R&D at Omni Ecosystems, he invented the   ultra-lightweight growing media used in every Omni Green Roof.


Why it matters

Infinity Media  allows Omni Ecosystems to create the lightest and most biologically diverse green roofs in the world. In as little as 15 pounds per square foot, an Omni Green Roof can grow a vast array of edibles, natives, flowers, perennials, grasses, woody plants and custom selections.

Compared to typical green roof growing media, Infinity Media is a better replication of actual soil. While other growing media mimic the physical and chemical properties of soil, they neglect the biological properties. Infinity Media combines all three to create a rich soil ecosystem.

The Infinity Media growing media is self-regenerative, meaning the soil system actually grows stronger with each passing season and permits greater plant variety. See a full list of plant options here.

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