Omni Tapestry

The Omni Tapestry™ brings together state-of-the-art modular living wall design with growing media that replicates soil ecosystems. The patented design, inspired by ecological principles of steppe terrace farming in rural mountainous regions, enables each plant access to an abundant rooting environment and sufficient light. The result is an ultra-lightweight living wall that creates a robust environment for lush indoor plantings. The panels are meant to be assembled to create a living tapestry, the Omni Tapestry™. The living wall system is easy to install and to maintain.

Broadly, there are two types of green walls: green facades and living walls. Living walls are planted across the surface of the wall in growing media that is on the wall itself. These can be indoor and outdoor. Living walls are frequently incorporated into buildings to create an elegant aesthetic, improve indoor air quality, reduce noise, and showcase an eco-conscience through art. Whereas, green facades are typically planted at the base of an exterior wall and are planted with climbers (i.e. vines) to cover the wall. 

OMNI_tapestry 20131008.png


  • 100 pounds per unit, maximum saturated weight

  • 18” wide x 48” tall

  • Occupies as little as a 5”-deep footprint off of the structural wall

  • Z-Cleat allows for easy hanging to structural wall

  • Maximizes plants rooting environment and minimizes shading from neighboring plants

  • Growing media replicates healthy soil ecosystems

  • Includes concealed high-efficiency drip irrigation system

  • Units are made of a single piece of plastic so are watertight and leak-free

  • 95% plant coverage at installation

  • 8 configurations of hearty indoor tropical plants create lush and interesting plantings

  • Patented 100% recycled plastic unit is made in the USA


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