Photo courtesy of Nathan Kirkman

Photo courtesy of Nathan Kirkman

Omni Ecosystems is doing its small part to help the youth of Chicago. We offer hands-on summer internships and jobs to local students, and share our headquarters with Empowerment through Education and Exposure, an impactful non-profit. 

EEE, Omni, The Roof Crop and all other participants of One Summer Chicago received recognition at a press conference given by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, hosted at Omni Ecosystems' headquarters. The mayor praised the work of EEE and other after-school programs, and condemned the violence targeted at Chicago youth. 

The mayor, his wife, his staff and media outlets were given a tour of the Omni space while students showcased some of their summer projects. 

We hope this inspires other Chicago-based businesses to follow Omni & TRC's lead. 

The visit made local headlines. Check out the coverage below: 

Abc7 Chicago, "Chicago Youth Celebrate Summer Accomplishments" 

Chicago Sun Times "Mayor suggests people to divided against city's violence" 


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