Omni Ecosystems CEO Molly Meyer recently joined the Board of Directors at Openlands, a municipal conservation organization serving northeastern Illinois.

Since its creation in 1963, Openlands has preserved more than 55,000 acres of natural and open space to ensure cleaner air and water and protect natural habitats and wildlife.


Read Molly's comments in the organization's publication, Openlander, below. 

"Nature is important to me as a place for getting centered, for reconnecting with who I am and with what I care about," says Molly. "In nature, I am able to quiet my mind, and yet I'm able to connect with other people. Those two sides of the experience are important: nature is where I can recharge alone or where we can commune together.
"I love experiencing nature in Chicago atop the green rooftops my company Omni Ecosystems creates. We create verdant ecosystems where you feel like you are walking through a meadow or a prairie, but really you are a few stories up (or many stories!) on a green roof. We also create agricultural roofs where you can pick and eat a tomato or a pepper or some kale. We even grew a wheat roof in Wicker Park then harvested and milled it into high-grade pastry flour. Access to nature is vital for all, and it's great when it's right upstairs. I also love to walk my dog along the Chicago River where there is green space and public access.
Asked about her favorite Openlands program, Molly doesn't hesitate: "TreeKeepers is so cool! Look at the impact it has, addressing both trees and the community for the long term. Progress compounds, which is so important because even small incremental change over a long period has an incredibly substantial impact. That is what a 54-year-old organization can do.
"I look forward to supporting and becoming more knowledgeable about the great work Openlands does. It is an honor to be able to contribute to furthering Chicagoans' access to nature." 

You can learn more about Openlands at

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