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Omni’s Director of Research & Development was interviewed by Studio Gang Architects for their annual rooftop field guide.

The guide features original illustrations, interviews and research centered around the green roof ecosystem atop Studio Gang’s headquarters and the ecological ethos it demonstrates. The green roof was designed, manufactured, installed and is now maintained by Omni Ecosystems.

Repkin talked about the value of green infrastructure and how ecological stewards like Studio Gang and Omni are working to create more resilient cities through re-vegetation.

Read an excerpt below. To read the full field guide, click here and download a free digital copy.

“We’ve lost a lot of intimacy with the living world. Bringing green space to people who are devoid of it is absolutely essential. There are all sorts of health and healing benefits associated with green spaces, and if we are constantly stressed and degraded and don’t have time to connect with nature—even if it’s a 100-square-foot plot of meadow—we’re just becoming sicker and sicker as a species.

With the current merging of architecture and ecology, we seem to be ready to change. We have a lot of people who are very ill and facing stressful circumstances, and green space can do so much for that. There are other benefits we’re just beginning to understand." - Mike Repkin


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