Energy Savings

Studies have shown that air conditioning loads can be decreased as much as 25% when a green roof is added to a building. An Omni Green Roof keeps heat in during the winter and out during the summer and helps to lower utility bills for building owners.

Vertical Integration

Omni lowers costs by embracing all facets of a project process with in-house architects, scientists, builders and more. This makes us the most accountable green roof provider on the market. From project conception to completion and beyond, Omni has you covered.



Revenue Generation

The Omni Green Roof is the lightest farmable green roof on the market today. If desired, The Roof Crop, Omni's sister organization, can maintain and harvest your rooftop farm, paying you rent in exchange for all produce. Therefore, the Omni Green Roof is the only lightweight system that can generate revenue for a building owner. 

Roof Life Extension

Roof membranes degrade over time due to exposure to extreme temperatures and ultraviolet radiation. A typical roof membrane requires maintenance or replacement 10-25 years after installation. The Omni Green Roof provides an additional layer of protection from the harsh elements and can go 50+ years without replacement.




Habitat Creation

Omni Ecosystems Green Roofs bring natural, flourishing habitats back into cities where they once thrived. These systems create a stopping point for migratory species like birds and butterflies. A series of green roofs in a city can create a corridor of habitats, giving species safe harbor and increasing their chances of survival.

Stormwater Retention

The Omni Green Roof and Omni Terrain are high-performing stormwater management solutions that combine superb results on every measure with beautiful green spaces. The 5" Omni systems retain as much water as an 8" typical system. Unmatched by any typical green roof, the 8" Omni has no runoff from a 2" storm. 


Urban Air Quality

Vegetation pulls industrial dust and soot out of the air, consumes carbon dioxide and creates oxygen. 


Decreasing Noise Pollution

When there are many hard surfaces, like concrete and brick, noise bounces off those surfaces and creates a loud place to live and work. Covering surfaces, like walls and roofs, with vegetation dampens sound significantly.




Local Food Availability

The Omni Green Roof system can be used as a commercial rooftop farm, improving access to fresh, hyper-local foods. In urban areas, there are acres and acres of underutilized rooftop space that can be converted into food producing gardens and farms. These spaces can be farmed and immediately sourced to local market, grocers, community centers, and residents. 

Outdoor Space

Research available from the American Psychological Association explains the mental and physical restoration humans get from nature. Omni Green Roofs create a pleasing natural environment, which can be used as entertainment spaces, meditative areas, vegetable gardens, or children's play areas to name a few. 


Job Creation

Green roof construction and on-going green roof maintenance provide job opportunities in our community. Rooftop farming in particular will provide a source of employment in our communities as working rooftops spur the demand for urban farmers and gardeners. 

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