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Omni Terrain™ brings the advantages of the Omni Infinity™ Growing Media to brownfields, providing site remediation, stormwater retention and greening.

Omni Ecosystems™ has developed a new method to remediate contaminated sites in Illinois. The Omni Terrain™ uses an engineered barrier to cap contamination per Illinois Environmental Protection Agency requirements and applies Omni Infinity™ Growing Media to vegetate the new surface. By leveraging advancements in existing technologies, the Omni Terrain™ yields an affordable and green solution for brownfield remediation.




Green Space

Omni Terrain™ has nearly unlimited options for ecosystems, including low-mow lawns, wildflower meadows, urban agriculture, wetlands, forests and more.

Increases biodiversity, open space and natural beauty.


Clean & Reliably Tested Growing Media

Omni Infinity™ Growing Media consists of sterile mined and manufactured geologic material combined with laboratory-grown biota.

Eliminates delays due to locating clean soils and ends unsustainable harvesting native soils.


Large Water Storage Capacity

Omni Infinity™ Growing Media retains more runoff than other engineered media and many native soils.


Increases on-site stormwater management and decreases costs for alternative stormwater management tools.

Quick & Easy Installation

Omni Terrain™ engineered barrier is covered with Omni Infinity™ Growing Media within hours after installation, and Omni Terrain™ components allow for rapid installation with low-tech tools and minimal training.

Decreases installation lead-time & duration and reduces remediation cost.


Abundantly- & Readily-available Materials

Omni Terrain™ engineered barrier and Omni Infinity™ Growing Media typically delivered within one week of purchase order.  

Reduces wait time for fresh soil.

Budget Friendly

Omni Terrain™ is cost effective and utilizes reliable and consistent inputs.

Brings competitive, reliable and consistent pricing to a field with nebulous and variable costs.


No Hauling

Omni Terrain™ allows in-situ soils to remain in place.

Eliminates expensive fees for contaminated soil trucking and disposal.

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