any omni green roof can be farmed

Building owners can grow food on their roof using an Omni Green Roof.

If desired, the system can be maintained and harvested, at no additional cost to the owner, by The Roof Crop™. The harvested produce is gathered and distributed locally with minimal environmental impact. 

  • Generate revenue 

  • Exceed City of Chicago green roof requirements

  • Offset installation cost over time

  • Contribute to the local food system

  • Stimulate the local economy

  • Create jobs for rooftop farmers

  • Great PR opportunities

omni + the roof crop = Smart green solutions



1 Install an Omni Ecosystems roof

2 Lease your new green roof installation to The Roof Crop

3 Take pride in smart, economically sound green solutions

The roof crop

Simply put, The Roof Crop leases and operates rooftop farms. 

Once building developers have met their green roof requirement by installing an Omni system, they can turn to The Roof Crop for a truly maintenance-free green roof that pays for itself. The Roof Crop, acting as 'roof tenant', will oversee farm operations, including irrigation and general green roof maintenance. The Roof Crop will harvest and distribute all crop yield with minimal environmental impact.

Omni Ecosystems™

Founded in 2009, Omni and its team have developed and tested a unique green roof system.

The Omni system is ultra-lightweight and farmable. The installation includes a fully-integrated irrigation element. With regular maintenance, an Omni Green Roof stays lush and radiates beauty far beyond the expectations of an ordinary sedum rooftop. Most importantly, an Omni installation meets all green roof requirements for architects, owners and developers seeking building permits in the City of Chicago.

The net result is a green roof that pays for itself and is maintenance-free for the building owner. The Omni Green Roof™ and The Roof Crop™ provide the best return on investment across the triple bottom line.

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